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Ignite360 - ignite 360 central Cloud computing Products are now Live!! Sept. 28, 2010

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We are LIVE!! I'm very excited and pleased to announce the launch of the Ignite 360 Store!!

This is one of many exciting events that will happen in the near future. I'm honored that you are a part of the Ignite 360 family and are sharing in this monumental time with us.

Thus, Ignite 360 Communications Team
sent the following message earlier today to update you on your product subscriptions.

For security purposes and safety of your data, we felt it would better serve you all to use the live online store instead of the pre-enrollment store. All pre-enrollment product selections have been deactivated and the process outlined below is now our 100% live version which will provide immediate access to your products. All future Cloud Consultants will also go through this process to select and activate their license purchases.

1. Login in to 360 Central at www.360Central.com using your existing Ignite 360 Office login email and password. This will now be the new Login off the Corporate Website (top right corner).
2. After logging in to 360 Central, hover over the Green Icon in the top right bar and select My Office from the drop down menu to go directly to your Ignite 360 Office.
3. On your Office Dashboard, in red letters, to “Click Here to Start Your Subscription Now.” This will take you to the Online Cloud Consultant Initial Subscription screen.
4. Click: “Yes, I want to start my subscription.” This will direct you to the online store to purchase your Package.
5. After selecting your Package by clicking “Add to Cart” you may proceed to complete your purchase by clicking the “Checkout” button to go through the 5 Step Security Checkout Process.

After completing the Checkout Process, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your product and start enjoying the benefits of Ignite 360 safety, security, communication, and productivity tools today!

Please remember, this will be ready tomorrow, Wednesday September 29th at 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

Thank you for your patience and partnership during this pre-launch period. Your feedback has been invaluable and we look forward to building a great company and changing a lot of lives together.

Thank You,

The Ignite 360 Communications Team


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Ignite360 offers expert web-based products that most people with a computer and Internet need, like email, calendar, backup, storage, mobile sync and much more. Having tied it all together with a social network, Ignite360 has really empowered me to easily engage friends and family online.

Being a first mover in this industry doesn’t require upfront purchase of products or a significant investment.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and earn extra income working for yourself, simply fill out this online enrollment form. Ignite 360 will send you all the information you need to get started with this exciting income opportunity.

I look forward to partnering with you to get a piece of that multi-billion dollar pie and bring the people we know products they need every day. 360central.com

Free to Register Until Sept. 15, 2010


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